JUST ADD JOY. Wheel design is a deep passion and that drive and determination goes into each JOY wheel. Every JOY wheel design has been designed with intent; from a range of vehicles down to a specific make and model. It works well to know the application first. A sketch and research phase combine to actively take a deep dive into the design. Future services will include CAD and TURN-KEY manufacturing data. For Inquiries contact justin@joy-performance.com


Drawing has been at the center of all this 'Joy'. The work produced is meant to capture the essence of your ride or bring to realize a creation before pulling the trigger. Though cars are the main course there is further illustration explored in design, fantasy, and sci-fi.


Custom artwork to meet your brand or needs. Expert analysis of a brand creates a solid road map to a solution. A further understanding of the application through art and design makes for unique solutions that drive with client and customer alike. Below is some artwork for a Pirelli livery for a CTS-V challenge car in cooperation with RETH works. The anime 'Toyo Girl' was created for the side of a pretty slick Toyota Starlet from Horsepower Techs. 


Before really focusing on wheels the main focus was products. All products. see more at justinfamularo.com